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Aardschap Foundation

Pieter de Raadt straat 37b

3033 VC Rotterdam (NL)

Aardschap is an action research group using methods from art and science to develop communities of practice, and piece together what makes places thrive. Aardschap projects each begin with experiments where we work together with local communities in a process of "learning by doing" we call action research. This process enables us to understand places and groups of people in depth, so that the actions we then take together have the potential for long-lasting impact.


Informed by our artistic backgrounds and experience with social interventions, we are able to develop new narratives which gives a fresh perspective on a communities habitat. This is the engine to strengthen social capital even in challenging contexts. We have successfully built a working car from scrap in Africa, created a new University department to find hidden potential, ran a Master's program on self-organization versus systems, and much more. The results of our process are shared with the wider public in the form of lectures, exhibitions, workshops and publications.


Aardschap works with a wide range of partners and collaborators. Please get in touch to discuss potential projects, consultation, speaking engagements and other opportunities. 

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