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The Mental Border Control investigates the new frontier of emerging mental borders

The Mental border Control is an artistic research project to visualize the mental borders in Cucuta. This border town is overrun by the exodus of refugees coming from Venezuela. Together with a team of researchers we roamed the city for 5 weeks to detect mental border stories. To understand the variety of mental borders between two countries we looked into everything that crawls, walks or flies over the border. Next to people, there are animals and things crossing the border on daily basis. How does the border affect them and how do they adapt? The end result was a group picture with all communities participating in the research at the Christo Rey monument in the city center. This place is considered a mental border it self, since it is known as a no go area.

The Mental Border Control was part of the TOGETHER APART bienal 2017 in the border city Cúcuta (Colombia/ Venesuela). The aim was to connect the local community with this contemporary art event.


Artistic team
Dan Gamboa Bohórquez, Natalia Castillo, Melle Smets

Commisioned by
TOGETHER APART takes place within the framework of BIENALSUR program, the first International Biennial of Contemporary Art in South America.

Uniminuto University, Francisco de Paula Santander University, FESC university, Corporation Cultural Cucuta

Cucuta, Colombia

October - December 2017

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